Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Pastas and a Pizza..."Take a moment"

An unplanned venture exploring the South of France took four friends to three towns: Biot, St. Paul, and Vence. The journey started off in Biot, a small hillside town known for its glass blowing artists and an awesome golf-cart driving tour-guide named Ghee. From there we made our way to Vence, another hillside town outside of Nice, with a small-town allure and some big-flavor cuisine. The final stop was perhaps one of the most beautiful hilltop towns I have ever seen: St. Paul. Resting atop a small peak offering views of the Mediterranean and a sounds laughing families in the moonlit windows, St. Paul would have been the day’s highlight….had it not been show-stopped by a meal so delicious it could only have included… 3 pastas and a pizza.

Some beautiful scenery, some amazing food, and some beautiful company… to my fellow travelers…it was a pleasure and once again let's "take a moment…”

Le Menu
-Pasta Carbonara
-Aubergines Siciliennes (Eggplant Sicilian)
-Spaghetti aux tomates
-Pizza Quatre Formage avec du miel (Four Cheese Pizza with Honey)

I will attempt to recreate these dishes back at 51 Porter… "take a moment” to check the progress.

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