Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from 51 Porter!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dairy Free Ginger & Pumpkin Pie

While Pumpkin Pie is best known for it's star-studded appearance in the Thanksgiving meal, I don't think this pie should be overlooked during the winter season. Here's a recipe that takes that classic pumpkin pie we all know and love and spices it up with some crystallized ginger. Try it out at your next holiday meal, or on a cold Wednesday evening, it's delicious anytime!


Take toasted almonds, homemade caramel, a dash of orange zest…and let’s make a cookie! These wafer-thin lace Florentines are delicious on their own, dipped in chocolate, or as a dessert topper. Give ‘em a try!

Mushroom Ragout & Polenta

Growing up I was definitely not the world’s biggest mushroom fan. My culinary-genius of a grandmother used to make some sort of creamed mushrooms every holiday, and every holiday…I avoided them (sorry Mimi). I used to think these little dirt-dwellers were for nothing more than silly jokes. Stop me if you've heard this one: Mushroom walks up to the bar and says, “Hey bartender, why won’t that gal talk to me…I mean, I’m a fun-gi!”

BUT boy oh boy have I been wrong! Granted, I’m just starting to dabble in the culinary world of my new mushroom friend, but the possibilities seem endless. I first had this dish at a potluck hosted by a friend, who took this mushroom masterpiece from chef David Tanis and paired it with creamy polenta.

Here is my take on mushroom ragout. Serve over pasta, polenta, or rice…but definitely give these “fun-gi(s)” a try! :)

Around the Table

Around the Table
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